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Why Do Fabricators Choose Quarrystone?

The industry’s best-kept secrets are becoming very well known. 

“It’s Less Expensive”  "Less" does not reflect product quality or performance.  In our case, less expensive equates to conservative spending on advertising and marketing. More expensive usually means someone is spending your money to bamboozle you into buying his or her product.

We heard a story a while ago about a "Quarter" test being shown to dealers by the sales reps of an "industry leader". The sales person would reveal that by scraping the rough edge of a quarter to both ours and their sample chips that ours would scratch white and their material would not. Our representative successfully revealed that this "magic trick" could be easily reversed making the leaders look bad and leaving the dealer feeling a little foolish that he had been duped.

If you really think about it, why would you spend money to have somebody talk you out of saving money.  Of course there must be advertising dollars focused in the right direction. Our business is our word-of-mouth reputation, referrals and repeat customers that appreciate our personalized service experience.  “There is a sense of warmth and welcome that we pride ourselves on given off by our family owned/oriented business”, say’s President/CEO William Struensee.

"We've Gained the 'Micro-pour' Advantage" 

The future of the solid surface industry is being transformed. All of the limitations and disadvantages inherent of the large manufacturers are being eliminated by way of the “Micro-pour”.  “Micro-pouring simply means that product is being produced in smaller “batches”.   For example, a typical solid surface kitchen can be produced in a single batch pour.  This means that almost any size or thickness sheet or part can be produced on demand for the fabricator.  This eliminates extra square footage often unused when purchasing standard sheet sizes.  (Sheet Sizes:  3” x 36” up to 40” x 144” Thickness: ¼” up to 1 ½”)

A great analogy to our industry is the "Micro-Brewery"  The larger manufacturers capitalize on a few flavors while the micro-brewery  specializes in delivering a variety of tastes for every persons preference.  Quarrystone gives its' customers a variety through customizing or personalizing its production. 

Quarrystone advantages are offered to our customers in the following ways:  Sheet Sizes, Sheet Thickness, Custom Color Creation, Color Variations or Matching, Particulate/Simulcast Sinks & Vanity Bowls  

“We Have Reduced our Fabrication Time”  When you begin to work with Quarrystone you immediately realize that you can change your  normal plan to save time.  "We've reduced our fabrication time because we order our deck  pieces right to the size we need.  Then we order the build up 1" thick so no extra cutting and gluing. Then we order our splash out of another piece.  Many times only one person needs to handle the material."