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Quarrystone has been engineered to be relatively maintenance free. However, there are a few things to remember about solid surface that will benefit the consumer in the long run. In this section we will cover things you should know, general care, preventative maintenance & precautions and corrective measures


Things You Should Know

With so many different products on the market today it is important to realize that solid surface was an evolution of technology. While each product from laminate to natural stones has its benefits, each also has its trade offs. While NATURAL STONE may be the most durable & heat resistant it is expensive. It is also porous. Unless sealed properly, bacteria may accumulate and flourish in natural stone. Natural stone has visible seams where dirt may accumulate & cannot be repaired if damaged. LAMINATES can be attractive and inexpensive but have no reparability if damaged. Laminates just simply wear out quickly. They show seams and are not very heat resistant. SOLID SURFACE was created to bring the best of both worlds together. It is available in an infinite color

selection, extremely durable and reparable, seamless, nonporous and less expensive than natural stone products. If solid surface mars or scratches, it can easily be renewed by the customer. Remember, like wood grain, the color goes all the way through the surface so what ever happens “on the surface” can be renewed. One misconception among solid surface buyers is that the “showroom” finish is ruined if something happens to it so they tend to be “too careful”. On the contrary, solid surface is meant to be used & abused in high traffic settings. Modest use of counter top polishes can bring back the “showroom” finish within a few minutes.

General Care

After a new installation your counter tops may appear dull. You may notice streaks when sliding something over the surface. This is the result of a freshly finished surface having a thin layer of micro-dust caused by fillers being used in the manufacturing process of certain colors.  This is a result of machine-dust build up in microscopic valleys caused by the finishing medium. A simple application of isopropyl alcohol followed by modest use of counter top polish will remove this appearance. This may be required several times a month to a freshly finished /sanded product until dust is completely eliminated. Apply countertop polish sparingly once or twice a month or as needed to remove mars or hide scratches. NOTE: Mars are more noticeable on a freshly finished top. It may take several months to “brake-in” the factory finish and remove residual machining dust. Mars will appear less noticeable over time as moderate use of polishes with natural oils develop a lubricating effect and freshly machined microscopic ridges are worn away through daily normal use.

Preventative Maintenance & Precautions

Quarrystone solid surface is known for its exceptional heat resistance. It can withstand heats up to 400 degrees or more without damage, warping, or melting which typically occurs with 100% acrylic solid surfaces. However, a hot pan coming off of direct heat or flame has the potential of causing surface burns or discoloration. Although it is easily reparable it is always important to avoid putting hot pans directly on Quarrystone. Always use a hot pad whenever possible. Always use a trivet when using a slow cooker, electric fry pan or any other appliance that produces high heat. These precautions will help to avoid any annoying problems which might result in a service visit to refinish your top professionally. SINKS: All Solid Surface sinks have the potential to crack due to repeated thermal shock. Thermal shock is defined as going from one extreme temperature to another (hot to cold, cold to hot) within seconds. In a normal kitchen environment, this would be the equivalent of pouring boiling hot water into a cold sink. Though a sink may be room temperature, metal plumbing fixed to the sink may be quite cold This is often where thermal shock occurs. Using plastic flanges and strainers will help in reducing the chance of shock. Also, get into the habit of running warm water into the sink before straining noodles etc..

Corrective Measures for a Matte Finish

Note that the description below is for a matte finish surface. A gloss finish will require continuing the steps below using 600, 800, 1200.  We recommend the use of random orbital sanders for higher gloss finishes.  Attempting these steps for the first time may change the look of the finish in that area.

Problem Cause Solution
Marring New Material or New Surface Finish

Use counter top polish sparingly with a clean paper towel and wipe  in a circular motion. Remove Mars.MOV New material will mar less over time.

Scuffing Heavy Objects Use an ultra-fine scotchbrite in a circular motion. Then spray counter top  polish sparingly. Wipe with clean paper towel in same circular motion.
Scratches Sharp Objects

Minor scratches can be buffed out with an ultra-fine scotchbrite in a circular motion. followed by polish.

For deeper scratches, use sand paper, 220 grit, then 400 grit, then an ultra-fine scotchbrite followed by polish. Use the same circular motion for each item.

Stains Dried Liquids

Start with 50/50 bleach & water. If ineffective use mild abrasive cleanser follow with scotchbrite & counter top polish all in a circular motion.


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